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Última atualização: 25 fevereiro 2020

Livro sem passaporte

Ideally, you must book your trek with an exact and final passport number. However, it often happens that between the time of booking and your trip to Peru your passport is renewed especially considering that the Inca Trail, for example, can be booked up to 18 months in advance. To overcome this problem, our agency authorizes the reservation with a passport that will be renewed later. We will then take the legal steps with the authorities to change the number free of charge. The conditions and requirements are:

This procedure is intended to allow you to book without a definitive passport. Despite the complications and the time required, we will do this procedure for you free of charge. This presupposes that the conditions described are met. We cannot be held responsible for any illegal use or non-compliance with these conditions. For example, booking with a fake number or another document (driver's license, ...), booking for someone else and then changing the name in order to secure a spot, etc.

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