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Última atualização: 22 maio 2022

Noite de Estrelas (Star Party)

Among the many activities during the Salcantay Majestic trek, since May 2022 we offer an exciting nighttime activity that generates great enthusiasm: skywatching. This free activity is open to everyone, of all ages, all year round, although the weather conditions are ideal especially in winter, from May to October.

During the evening of the 2nd day, in our Ecolodge Majestic, everyone can participate in the Star Night. We added this activity because the location is really perfect for a night observation: clear sky, altitude, no light pollution (artificial lights). Our guides are trained to make you discover the space, such as our Milky Way, planets, constellations, nebulae, galaxies. The observation is subject to the weather of the moment, the day of the year and the time. Some specific events such as meteor showers, eclipses and comets may be observed.

Celestron NexStar 6SE
Celestron NexStar 6SE

For the observation, we have a quality equipment: a telescope type Schmidt-Cassegrain, brand Celestron, model NexStar 6SE, diameter 150 mm, motorized (GoTo). We provide a smartphone adapter so that everyone with their cellphone (whatever the model) can take pictures of the astronomical objects observed.

At the end of our Star Night, participants will receive a skywatching diploma via email. We know that young and adults love this kind of souvenir.

Andromeda Galaxy
M51 or Whirlpool Galaxy


To enjoy our Star Night, we recommend:

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